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In appreciation of your gift of $60 or more to Work for Art, we’ll send you The Arts Card, which gets you a full year of 2-for-1 tickets (subject to availability) to performances and events. Or, you may choose to gift your Arts Card to someone special. Note: Work for Art is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, Tax ID 93-1059037. The Arts Card has no cash value. Using The Arts Card may affect the tax deductibility of your gift – please consult with your tax advisor.

This page might look different than what you remember – that’s because it is! We are now using a brand new donation platform (as of May 2018) that saves us money, AND allows us to more easily customize giving options, layout, and content.

For general questions, or to update an existing recurring donation, contact us at 503-823-2969 or send an email to

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