Battle of the Bands will not be returning in 2018

We are so grateful to the participating bands, generous sponsors and audience members for their time, investment and belief in the event.

Battle of the Bands was a wonderful way to showcase the creative talent that thrives inside companies. It also drew audiences of adoring co-workers and family members that would rival any professional show at the Crystal Ballroom.

But at the end of the day its unique model made it difficult to effectively raise awareness and fundraise for Work for Art – our primary goal. Work for Art and RACC are working hard to design sustainable models of engagement that provide access, tell better stories and raise more resources for our growing community of arts and culture partners.

To our Battle of the Bands supporters and fans, don’t be a stranger! We hope you stay tuned to what’s next for Work for Art and RACC.

Please contact me with questions at

With gratitude,

Alison Bailey
Business Partnership Manager
Regional Arts & Culture Council



For highlights of the 5/17/17 event, please visit our Battle of the Bands event recap page.